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2001 Dakota heater blower/resistor problem

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I don't know how many people on here still own older Dakotas, but if you do, you're probably well aware of the problem with burned up blower resistors. I've put 3 resistors, 2 pigtails and 2 blower motors in my truck and as of last week, my blower completely stopped working. I read a lot about this, and I've found 3 possible causes: bad ground straps, bad ignition switch, and poor quality replacement blowers. I'm also wondering if a small heater core leak can cause it? My last resistor lasted about 6 months, and I only used it on high for short periods and never used the AC. The consensus is it's caused by high amp draw by the blower. Does anyone have a diagnosis/repair pathway to help me get to the bottom of this problem? It would be great to have a comprehensive answer that covers all 4 possible causes.
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Is the resistor buried on a 01 like it was on my 99?
I never had trouble with that on that truck thank God as it's way high up in the dash where the dash has to come out to get at it. I discovered it when I did the heater core.
I also have an O1 Durango and like you I have had multiple blower resistor and pigtail failures on. I keep a couple of extras on hand for this vehicle as a result. Sometimes 2 a year, sometimes one every other year. We've had ours for 9 years and it was obvious that when it failed on me The 1st time it wasn't the 1st time it had failed on this vehicle in it's life.
I'm about to go over 300k miles, and this has been the one thorn in this vehicle's side. I did replace the original engine and rebuilt the transmission just shy of 260k because of a couple of stuck wide open injectors washed out 2 cylinders, mine has the 360 ("5.9") but the blower resistor issue is the one thing that continues to piss me off about it. This thing has otherwise been great to us.
About 3 resistors and 2 pigtails ago I did replace the blower motor because I thought maybe it was tired, drawing more juice than it was supposed to be. That didn't change the tendency for this issue one bit.
And I've heard others with these same vehicles that have the same issue.
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Yes I know well where it is on my 01. I've changed it enough. I was surprised to see where it was on my 99. I was just asking the other guy where his was located because his is a Dakota, as was my 99. I didn't know if the difference in location on my 99 Dakota and my 01 Durango was a year thing, or a Dakota vs Durango thing.
You may want to change the blower motor if you are going through resistor assemblies. If the blower motor bearings are worn out, they may be causing more friction that requires more amperage, and then the resistor pack overheats.
I HAVE!!! 2X even!!!!!
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