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2001 Dakota heater blower/resistor problem

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I don't know how many people on here still own older Dakotas, but if you do, you're probably well aware of the problem with burned up blower resistors. I've put 3 resistors, 2 pigtails and 2 blower motors in my truck and as of last week, my blower completely stopped working. I read a lot about this, and I've found 3 possible causes: bad ground straps, bad ignition switch, and poor quality replacement blowers. I'm also wondering if a small heater core leak can cause it? My last resistor lasted about 6 months, and I only used it on high for short periods and never used the AC. The consensus is it's caused by high amp draw by the blower. Does anyone have a diagnosis/repair pathway to help me get to the bottom of this problem? It would be great to have a comprehensive answer that covers all 4 possible causes.
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Thanks for the response. That is why I only ran it on high. I got the same failure when I replaced the pigtail and the resistor as when I replaced only the resistor. In fact, I got the same failure twice even though I replaced the blower, resistor and pigtail each time. That's why I suspect the cause is elsewhere. It's always the same pin in the plug that overheats - probably the line in/power pin.
Many times heat is an indication of a bad ground in the line (pin). Or look toward the blower motor & mount... water leaks around there? No fuses blown...? G/L
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