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2001 Dakota heater blower/resistor problem

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I don't know how many people on here still own older Dakotas, but if you do, you're probably well aware of the problem with burned up blower resistors. I've put 3 resistors, 2 pigtails and 2 blower motors in my truck and as of last week, my blower completely stopped working. I read a lot about this, and I've found 3 possible causes: bad ground straps, bad ignition switch, and poor quality replacement blowers. I'm also wondering if a small heater core leak can cause it? My last resistor lasted about 6 months, and I only used it on high for short periods and never used the AC. The consensus is it's caused by high amp draw by the blower. Does anyone have a diagnosis/repair pathway to help me get to the bottom of this problem? It would be great to have a comprehensive answer that covers all 4 possible causes.
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I realize this is an old thread, but the way I finally repaired this problem on my 2004 Dakota was to connect the wires on leads 1 and 2 together outside of the connector. I think the age of the blower was causing high currents through the card which the connector is not designed to handle. The blower resistor card was getting so hot on pins 1 and 2 that it melted the connector to the card and I couldn't touch the wires when it was running.

Pins 1 and 2 are already connected directly on the card anyway so this fix gives a parallel path for the current when the blower is on high. Additionally, it gives a parallel path for the current normally going through pin 2 to the blower motor on the other blower settings. So, it effectively halves the current that each pin is handling. With this fix, I kept the old burnt connector in place and the card doesn't even get warm when the blower's running. The blower also started blowing harder as well as it cuts the resistance on the card.
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