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Hi all,
A few months ago my daughter started driving the truck at night and reported flickering lights. I didn't notice because I was only driving at day. A few days later, I get the "nobus" error. Was able to restart by clearing with battery unplugged, but eventually that stopped. Mechanic did some electrical checking and determined the ECM needed replaced. We replaced it with a verified refurb. Worked great and was able to get back on the road. However, the lights continued to flicker.

In the forums I was able to determine that the CTM may need to be replaced. Found an exact PN on ebay. Replaced and the flicking has stopped. However, there is another issue of which I hadn't noticed before.

Now, when I turn on the head lights, the passenger side low beam comes on, but no low beam driver side. When I turn on the high beam, the passenger beam is off, but the left high beam comes on. I'm stumped! I changed the bulbs, same.

When switching between low and high, the following happens:
LOW BEAM SETTING: Left low off, Right low on
HIGH BEAM SETTING: Left high on, Right high off

I have the schematic and it implies that the CTM controls the low and high beam directly. I cannot logically understand why the CTM would turn either headlamp on for different functions.

Has anyone else experienced this headlight issue? Is it the CTM is programmed wrong?


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I would start at the C3 connector at the central timer module (ctm). Low beam output on pins 4,5. High beam output on pins 2,3.
If you have low and high beam output on these four pins at the ctm, your problem is under the hood. I'm not finding any other
connectors between the ctm and the headlamps them selves. From the headlamp switch only two wires, low and high, going
to the ctm. Look for cracks OR corrosion in wiring at connectors and the loom. Recheck voltage at headlamps, high and low..
It wouldn't be the first time I've seen an intermittent bulb !!!!

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