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2001 Dakota 5.9 swapp out of Durango

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I recently bought a built 2001 Dakota with 180k miles on the odometer. Guy I bought it from swapped the engine and tranny from the original 4.7 and 45re to a 5.9 and 46re out of an 01 durango. It's got the no bus error in the odometer, and its stuck in limp home mode. The wiring harness and cluster are the original out of the Dakota. Can the pcm not communicate with the Durango parts?
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It would not surprise if it is not communicating I would think you should have a 5.9 harness and pcm i am sure there where some differences. Try running a scan to see if everything is communicating, scans can tell a lot to an experienced operator.
Thank you for your input. I recently replaced the instrument cluster with one from a durango with the 5.9, are you recommending I replace the entire wiring harness and pcm as well?
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