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2000 Sport Build

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Got the truck for $500, It has a 4.7L, Auto, 9.25" rear with lsd, HD Drums.The truck snapped a pole and pushed the front passenger cab corner in pretty good, enough that it needs another cab.Recently i've aquired a '99 with all the parts i need to fix the truck, right now im just focused on getting it road-worthy then i'll mod it later.

Anyways, here's when i first got it:

Laid down some rubber :)

Not much has changed since then, i installed new upper/lower balljoints, replaced the bent knuckle, and replaced the bent sway bar link and installed drilled rotors and ceramic pads. I plan on removing the dash because i have to swap the harness over to the other cab, if the weather ever lets up.
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seatbelt light there should be a plug under the seat you can just unplug
I found the wire for it, i think if its left open it may not trigger the light.Now i have most of the wires figured out, although theres one connector i have no clue what it is but the v6 harness didnt have a plug for it so im guessing its for a power option or the fancy roof console thingy.
40 dollars to ship O__O
The ps hose alone would have cost me $80 locally, so its not that bad for me.The price i pay for being canadian i guess.
haha i guess so!....and living on a island?? haha
Its not so much an island in the traditional sense, the gap between it and the mainland is about a mile and theres a causeway connecting us.
It was ranked the number one island destination in Canada and continental United States, and number three on the list of Top Ten Islands Overall :D
Rock Auto is the devil, they have stuff cheaper then the cost I get at the dealer and at my local Napa store
it's not hard to beat Napa's prices, they think their shit is made of gold..lol
Im betting everyone thought i gave up :p I was just waiting for the snow to fuck off and the temp to rise a little.I got the cab off the red truck today :)

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welcome fellow caper....nice build.

If the heater core is original, i suggest swapping in a new one($40) while you're there anyways.....be simple as you already have the dash out, mine leaked as well as many others.

Also, where are you pricing your parts? I had to buy a power steering hose for mine and it was about $25 at napa locally here in NB(working here). Was the return hose(half hard line, half rubber)..not sure if it was the same hose. If you need any other parts that are $$$, shoot me a pm and i'll price em up here or grab em at a scrap yard if they got em....i travel home to CB fairly often.
Thanks man :) i priced my parts at carquest, it was the ps pressure hose.
not sure what they're like there, but here in NB carquest is fairly expensive....so is napa on certain things though. When i price things, i usually call about 6 or so places then compare.
Its been a while since i posted here, i havent done much if anything really :p i got all new brakelines and fittings and once i get my ass in gear im takin the new cab to get some bodywork done.
Back from the dead! Made a little progress today :D

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Im still curious why you had to splice if you were just r&r all wiring from one cab to the next.
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