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2000 Sport Build

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Got the truck for $500, It has a 4.7L, Auto, 9.25" rear with lsd, HD Drums.The truck snapped a pole and pushed the front passenger cab corner in pretty good, enough that it needs another cab.Recently i've aquired a '99 with all the parts i need to fix the truck, right now im just focused on getting it road-worthy then i'll mod it later.

Anyways, here's when i first got it:

Laid down some rubber :)

Not much has changed since then, i installed new upper/lower balljoints, replaced the bent knuckle, and replaced the bent sway bar link and installed drilled rotors and ceramic pads. I plan on removing the dash because i have to swap the harness over to the other cab, if the weather ever lets up.
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So far i have the dash removed.Throttle, ebrake, and shift cables disconnected. I really wish it was summer id have this near done by now.Also swapped ignitions between steering columns since one dash uses the cable indicator and the other is digital.

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keep em coming!!
always like to see these projects
I used to have a truck just like that! Until an old man pulled out in front of me and I totaled it. But that'll be four years ago in March. Fun little trucks though
Subd excited for this build
Decided to pull the dash from the v6 truck and swap the v8 harness in :)

Sat her on the bench and got to work.

V6 harness out!

V8 Harness in!

Its supposed to rain tomorrow, so i probably wont get anything done.
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Put the dash back in, didnt bolt it up since it will need to come out again anyways.

Pulled the fenders off and disconnected all the wiring and other stuff.

Found a nice dry-cell battery in the truck too :D
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move your fuse box into the cab :D
As a mod? i cant be bothered. To protect it? meh its the v6 box i dont need it.
lol, the v8 one. Put it in the cab. Itll look so much cleaner and bigger in the engine bay
Meh its not a show truck, its a go truck :p
i've got nothing to update lately pretty much just waiting for spring to roll around so i can finish this :) I bought a 4in1 AC/Fuel Line disconnect tool today for $10

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Did some wiring on the dash harness tonight, gonna take some splicing to have the speakers and dome lights working.Switching cabs isnt as easy as just switching harnesses but its nothing i cant handle, im splicing everything into the factory wiring to make it cleaner.
Did a little more wiring, have about 6 wires to figure out.Found a buyer for my bbs rims and tires i bought for my skyline when i owned it, once they sell i'll be buying paint :)
why are you splicing instead of just using the harness out the truck your using for parts
I put the dash harness into the cab im swapping over but between 99-00 they changed the connector with the speaker wires, ebrake indicator light wire, door ajar switch wires and some other wires.
oh ok i figured connectors for little stuff like that woulda stayed the same
oh ok i figured connectors for little stuff like that woulda stayed the same
Me too, they even changed some wire colors.The front right speaker on the 99 has its own plug the rest was integrated into the connector with the other stuff i was talking about.On the 2000 all the speaker wiring is in that connector, the speaker wiring was the only wiring the colors were the same on.Theres also the wires that tell when the seatbelt is buckled, i havent figured out exactly which one that is yet but im guessing if i just ground it i wont ever see a seatbelt light :)
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