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I recently bought a 2000 Durango and its got some issues.
First was the delay between shifts of first to second, replaced speed sensor, gov sensor and solenoid. Hoping that solves that issue.

Now the other issue is, i cant get it to go into park, the previous owner couldnt for a while either.
I still have the pan down awaiting the new solenoid.
I disconnected the shift cable from the linkage and watch the park rod go in and out, just dont seem like its going in far enought to park.
With linkage attached, I can get lever into P but its actually in reverse. But can take key out and set parkign brake.
=Nothing seems to be jambed or obstruting the park rod unless in valve body.
=Removed sensor that touches the park rod lever and still no avail.

Ive never removed the valve body as i dont know how without messing something up as i have no picures to go by or a book.

Just curious if someone has any other idea of what could be stopping the park rod from going into park.
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