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2000 Durango upper console

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Afternoon all,
I have this upper console that I bought 10 yrs ago to put into my Dakota.
Pretty sure my Dakota is not prewired for this as mine has the same set up but only has the dome lights in it and I decided not to mess with it.
I was cleaning up my garage and shed and ran across it /forgot I even had it
anyway I'd like to sell or even trade for something for the Dakota.
I have no Idea what it's worth and haven't looked to find out
if you know what it's worth if anything at all please let me know
I'm in Fl. 32765 I don't mind shipping if your willing to pay for it
see pics below
It also came with wiring instructions ect.
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Too bad you never installed it! Easy to install, wiring is not even tricky. You'd have enjoyed it all these years. One of my favorite upgrades.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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