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looking to sell my dakota and im asking $3500, the body has 290000 miles but the engine has less probably around 90,000-100,000 trans has been rebuilt maybe around 15000 miles. lot of parts replaced on the suspension, also new radiator, i have most receipts for repairs ive done. sct programmer, 3" stainless exhaust a/c works. dont let the miles scare you, its had alot of work done to it, i drive it daily any where from 30-100 miles a day. only know problems are:
- body rust,
- i removed the mechanical fan for an electric fan but it was a cheapo so its loud.
- the power steering pump hisses at full turn while moving slow still works just makes a noise, i think one of the lines might have a bad seal letting air in.
- the a/c makes a whistle sound at idle, i went through the a/c system 2 summers ago and everything worked great. replaced pump, orifice tube and cleaned the system. everything still works great just makes that noise at idle

i have put a lot of work into making this a reliable daily driver for myself but now i need something fullsize, i also have a dana 44 and a ford 9" i bought for it to do an SAS that ill through in with it if you want them.

3500 OBO im looking to get rid of this quick because ive found another truck i want.
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