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2000 Dakota HO

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As a Diesel Technician on a road call I saw this truck at the customer's home and that's what got me started on my project.I bought a remand 2002 long block Jeep HO engine with upgraded valve seats and a remand tranny with the latest upgrades also.I have a 2003 TCM to change 4 to 5 speed tranny,bought good timing gear cover and an original HO Intake, the cover on the truck's original engine was badly damaged probably because of a previous Water pump failure.Primed and painted the engine, intake and valve covers are the color of the truck, installed ATI Super Damper with under drive pulley,180 degree stat, high volume Water pump,Champion 3340 spark plugs..055(have SOS high output coils),solid lash adjusters, oil gallery hydraulic connector and primed oil gallery with Royal Purple break in oil.Ready to connect tranny and install. Also have new 2 core radiator and 3300 cfm fan,Electronic variable speed fan controller,fitting for fan sensor and stainless steel internal wire installed in Water pump suction hose.Fastman modified throttle body and 456 gear with Auburn limited slip diff.


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Right on! Keep us updated with your build. Where did you find the reman HO long block & what did it cost?
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