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Here's some wording cut and pasted from my 2004 Service Manual CD.

A combination fuel filter and fuel pressure regulator
is used on all engines. It is located on the
top of the fuel pump module. A separate frame
mounted fuel filter is not used with any engine.
Both fuel filters (at bottom of fuel pump module
and within fuel pressure regulator) are designed for
extended service. They do not require normal scheduled
maintenance. Filters should only be replaced if
a diagnostic procedure indicates to do so. "

In other words: Wait 'til the Check Engine light comes on, and have your fuel filters replaced because it's on the list of things to change for whatever caused the light to come on.

I don't know if your 2000 is the same, but from the illustrations in my Service Manual, the fuel tank has to be removed from the vehicle for access to the filter(s).

That's why the cost is so high.

Time for some sarcasm:
Thanks, Dodge engineers, for making it so easy (and cheap) for the owner to do this kind of preventive maintenance.
Thanks, Dodge engineers, for making it unnecessary to visit the dealership service department, with their high labor costs, to perform what should be a simple, periodic maintenance.
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