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just wondering what could cause a slow speed thump, the faster you go, the quieter it is, or the less i notice anyway, you can feel the thump at slow speeds from like 10-30 MPH, beyond that i dont really feel much above 30 mph.

im wondering if a thump could be a CV joint? does the durango have CV boots/axles, or could it be a U-joint in the front axle assembly?

it already has new brake pads and rotors, so those shouldnt be the cause.

any suggestions would be appreciated.


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if its 4x4, you have CV shafts. usually when a CV shaft starts developing slop, it will knock when the wheel is turned left or right and your moving at slow speed. it very well could be the CV shaft. just jack up the truck and check everything. balljoints, CV shaft, tie rod ends, wheel bearings, etc.
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