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Quick run down of assumption of problem. My Vehicle was making noise when in Park, like a clicking/tapping sound. If accelerated hard from a stop it would make a binding noise; the same thing would happen when pulling my boat (So only when creating a heavy load). While under the truck I am positive it is not coming from the motor, and not coming from the trans. It seem to be in the Bell housing area. I had a neighbor of my parents say that he would throw it up on his lift, and take a peek (Mechanic shop owner). He did not pull the trans, but took off the thin metal view/peek shield (not sure what to call it). He said there were 2 bolts that were finger loose. He tightened them up and checked the others. Majority of the noise/problem went away for about 2 weeks and steadily came back. Last night I pulled the trans with a buddy (what a pain on a garage floor). It appears the TQ converter as been moving around, and has worn a small groves all around the converter. My best edumicated guess (yes I spelled it wrong on purpose.) would bee that the converter is bad or at least the housing is warped. I am trying to upload picture but have one heck of a time. I could Email them to anyone you maybe able to help. I was looking for a new Converter, and no one seems to have the one like mine. It has the starter teeth built onto the converter like this one: http://www.chrismantorqueconverters.com/oem-torque-converters/jeep-torque-converters/a500-converter/jeep-a500-torque-converter-lock-up.html

*Note the Trans pan was clean with no shavings and had beautiful oil still in it. The only shaving was in the Bell housing, and you can see were they came from on the Converter.

Thank you for any help,
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