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Greetings fellow MoPar fans. I am about to embark upon an odyssey one might say. I have an almost all original 2000 Dakota RCSB RWD Sport with a 194k mile 2.5L and a 5 speed. The truck still gives great gas mileage, but is getting louder in the 'ticking' department and just is not strong enough to pull my 16' tandem axle trailer and a John Deere 770 compact tractor.

To cure this, I bought a 2001 Dodge Ram QCSB RWD 1500 (fleet type model) with a 5.2L 5 speed. The 2001 is driveable and the engine has about 50k miles on it, while the truck has 101k and change. So, given I have the whole enchilada as a donor vehicle, will it work?

Here is what I mapped out this far.
1) The 1999 Dakota could be bought with a 5.2L
2) My 2000 Dakota has manual windows an no 'chipped' yada
3) My 2001 Ram has manual windows and no chipped 'yada'
4) I compared the location of the frame mounted side of the motor mounts in my 1999 R/T Club Cab (bare frame), my 2000 Club Cab with a 3.9L V6 and my 2000 with the 2.5L I4. They are all three the same and in the same location on the frames.
5) The 'K-member' (Do they still call it that?) is the same in all three varieties of Dakota trucks that I have.
6) Since the 3.9L V6 and 5.2L V8 motor mounts are allegedly the same, and since the locations on all three configurations are the same, I should be able to source the engine side of the mounts rather easily.
7) I assume that the V8 tranny is an NV3500 (Try googling that without coming up with dealers selling a Nissan van...) and since my Brother in Law successfully converted his 2000 CCSB SLT Dakota from a a3.9L V6 A/T to a 5 speed with an NV3500 (And the proper computer, etc...) I should be able to do this swap without cosmetic surgery to the floor pan in my 2000 Dakota 2.5L I4...
8) I realize I need a shorter driveshaft, but i have the one from my 1999 R/T frame. I feel it can be shortened.
9) Exhaust will need to be fabricated... Cat back duals perhaps? Sorry, but I follow laws regarding emissions.
10) I researched and found the OEM fuel pump is the same for the 2.5, 3.9, and 5.2
11) What is the best radiator to use for this setup? Remember, this is a bone stock 5.2L...
12) I have an 8.25 3.92:1 rear. What is the best rear to use in the truck? Please consider I do not want to spend as much for a rear as i did not the entire donor truck...
13) Suggestions for the 5.2L breather box in a Dakota?

There is my dirty (baker's) dozen. Any input is most appreciated. I fully intend to take plenty of photos and journal the entire process if it is a go. Or else I will find a clean, straight 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 base model RWD needing running gear...
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