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My dirt road that never gets plowed had about 3 inches of snow on it... and theres a huge hill right in front of my driveway. Many people get stuck all the time.

Well on my way home, I saw a honda in the ditch. I was tempted to leave it, cause its a honda... but I do still have a heart. I wanted to help out... and show that these american cars still save his ass anyway.

Nice guy though... hooked the tow strap up to my right front tow hook and his rear tow hook, pulled him out. Followed him (going to my house), and he couldnt make it up the hill like i suspected. Pushed him up. Saw another one behind me... Plymouth Breeze. Stuck up the hill. Pushed her up as well. Then went home.

Good stuff, Lovin my truck. V6 too. Any fun pull out stories? (with your trucks, guys...)

yay for michigan weather.
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