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So I was looking at doing the TCM mod and picked up a TCM from a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee. After putting it in I got a "Bus" Error and all the Transmission Options had sqaures around them. After doing some reading I have found out that the 2000 Durango uses a CCD Bus and that the 2001 or better switched to a PCI Bus.

#quote from mprtech in "dodgeforum.com" forum# (wasn't sure if I was allowed to post a link"
"Well...at least I got to the bottom of this. I appologize to DJPaul for not researching this fully.

2000 Dakota pickups use the CCD bus. The Jeep controller you are trying to use is a PCI bus. Thats why your getting a code and the boxed-in PRNDL.

Now for the bad news, it looks like there is no way to fix it. When the 45rfe was introduces in 1999, Jeep made the switch to PCI bus.

Dodge did not introduce PCI to Dakota/Durango until 2001. That is why it worked in my truck.

As far as I can tell there is no way to make your PCI TCM work with your CCD Dakota.

The 545 upgrade will work for any 01 Dakota/Durango though. I have fixed the first post to correct my error.

I'm sorry for my error.


So here is my question, I read a post in this forum:


#initial post from Chowder"
"Something else I was thinking about: would it be possible to just go one part further and replace the PCM with a doner from an 01 or 02? Has anyone tried that, or is it just prohibitively expensive/cause other issues?"

#quote from HemiDak#
"Yes, you can do it. You would need a 01-04 gauge cluster, and it would permanently throw ABS and air bag lights unless you disable the lights (like I did) or swap out the ABS and air bag modules."

and one of the users posted insinuated that swapping a 2001-2003 PCM swapped into a 2000 Durango would work but you would have to swap the gauge cluster from a 2001-2003 and possibly swap out the ABS module. Does anyone know if the overhead console would work? Also would anything need to be swapped out?

Not sure if anyone has done this or not.

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