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1999 Dakota 4x4 Hemi swap info/opinions

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I have a 99 Dakota 4x4 currently with the original 5.2...I'm planning on installig a 5.7 hemi and have a a few questions....I also have my complete 2000 Dakota 4x4 with 4.7 as a parts truck as well....My main questions are.

1-which trans is best to use the 46RE currently in the 99 Dak or am I better to use the 45rfe out of the 2000 Dakota and then use the engine harness from the 4.7 as well?I'm thinking the 45rfe with no kickdown cable to worry about and seeing as it was used behind the 5.7 anyway would make life easier or is there a benefit to using a 46RE?

2-Is the stock trans crossmember etc retained in the stock position when installing a hemi using the aftermarket Holley conversion mounts?

3-Which year hemi is best?Can I run a newer eagle head or MDS engine and computer in my 99 truck?

This truck is in great shape and my daily driver...Not looking to build anything super radical just hoping to get some better fuel economy and the added performance is a bonus...So once I narrow down what engine,trans I'm going to use i can start accumulating the parts for the swap...I see the engine mounts and now Milodon 4WD oil pan and pickup are available so now is as good a time as any..

I'd like to stay with as many factory parts as necessary regarding the ECM and such just reflash it as I already have a SCT Tuner and trying to keep the costs reasonable if possible.

Any info is much appreciated,thanks... :)
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Ok. So this post is loaded with questions. But I will start off answering a few of them. The 46re never came behind a hemi. But the 45rfe did. And to match the two you just need to make a small cutout on the plate that goes between the engine and trans. As far as which engine is best, bigger the better right? But if you want the computers to be able to talk to each other, that's not the case. Unless you are going standalone or changing the entire dash out to a charger/challenger ect. A 2003 to 2005 ram. Or a 04-05 durango pcm and wiring will play nice with your electronics. But you will have to swap the cluster to an 01 to 04 dakota or 01 to 03 durango. Any ecu from the hemi cars or truck/suv 06 or later are a different bus system. They speak different languages... so best bet is any pre eagle, pre vvt motors. 03 to 08. When you get your ecu. Get the keys and skim. Shit I can go on for an hour on tips to go for and stay away from. Pm me. I will set ya down the correct path so that you aren't spending twice the $ for the same bs you can get the first time round in the junkyard.
Thanks for the info and reply.Only reason I asked about which trans is if the 45rfe was better than the 46RE...The 46RE is basically the old 727 with an OD unit added and computer controlled governor.I've had good reliability from both trans in Dakotas over the years so just thought I'd ask.

My Dakotas being a 1999 and 2000 still have the manual shift transfer case so I'm going to check and see what Ram models have the manual transfer case...I know the 2003 Ram 1500 did and the 2500 a bit later as well.Just trying to eliminate any Bus codes and such from using a newer system that has an auto transfer case.

My Daks are both pretty simple stock...Manual transfer case,rear ABS only and the ECM.not much to it.

So to start:get- 03-08 5.7..........I've heard the truck engines make the accessorries fit better?

2-Going to need to fabricate some engine mounts.

3-Ram or Durango exhaust manifolds sound like the only option for exhaust...No biggie,like I said this is a year round daily driver for me not a race truck.:)

I'll likely PM ya for some other tips when I get a chance.Much appreciate the input from all so far :)
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Just in the process of picking up a used hemi block for cheap.Figured it would make life easier when fabbing up some engine mounts when the time comes.:) Planning on pulling the engine out of the 2000 with the 4.7 and use that as the template to mock up some engine mounts.
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