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1998 Durango Project

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thought i would officially start a build thread, i have a 98 5.2 that i will be installing 3rd row seats to as my first little project for this beast. i plan to redo the exhaust, clean up the engine bay (maybe some goodies pending funds lol), suspension and a bunch of misc. stuff as i go.

for those who don't know me, Im Joe. I love working on cars, it's like a addiction. i started with a 1980 camaro i bought when i was 17 (12 yrs ago and still have it). i had fords (a 96 F350, 98 eddy explorer, 92 tempo lol and 84 fairmont), chrysler (96 neon, 87 lebaron), pontiac (99 grand prix, 9? grand am, 99 transport), Chevy (78 Z28, two 80 camaros, two 80 Z28's, two 81 camaros, 86 berlinetta, 84 scottsdale, 79 C-10) bikes (82 yamaha seca, 89 RZ350, CB400)

And now, the newest addition (currently owning 78 z28, 80 z28, 99 transport, 82 seca and the 98 Durango) the Durango.

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looking forward to what you do man lets see it
Well i havent got any work done lately but the work i did to it so far was fix all the front brake lines, put new headlight and signal lenses (well used but decent), installed some rear hatch cylinders, put some window sweeps on, installed DTR's and fixed the alarm prob. I got her towed to Canadian Tire to get RIV (Registry of Imported Vehicles) inspection to make sure she was fit for Ontario Standards (bought it from Hogansburg NY. and imported it to Canada). the first two pics in the OP are of the durango while being seized at the Canada/US border to await title being cleared.
Heres a pic of it getting towed for the inspection (couldnt get trip plates until it was fit for Ontario) all full of snow lol.

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well i did some work on her last night, i changed the oil and all the filters, installed the rear seats (third row) and fixed my tail light the mount holes were rusted out so i had to fab a piece of sheet metal (which i didnt end up using lol) i just drilled a couple extra holes then screwed in to the plastic on the light. I got the exhaust flanges fixed now i can hear the motor lol. i'll post some pics up later once they are all uploaded to photobucket.
Heres some pics of the third row seats i installed, dont really care what colour it was just as long as i can fit the family in it lol, cleaned up very well though, no more stains lol. the complete step by step installation for the third row seats i put in is right here http://www.dakota-durango.com/forum/showthread.php?p=2904932&posted=1#post2904932

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Well got emissions tested today and she passed :) i didnt think it was gonna, i didnt change the plugs and wires or anything, i just did an oil change, changed air filter, oil filter and put some 91 octane petro in the tank and gave her a good run on the highway for about an hr then took her in. i am so stoked that i will have her on the road all legit.
nice man now get it out there
oh i will, lol. im getting the safety done today and the sticker. can't wait lol

Lookin good man, I also have a 98 durango.. I got a thread here but I been lacking on tuning it up..
I've noticed that an oil change is a big factor in passing emissions testing.
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