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This is a NP231D HD transfer case from a 1998 Dodge Durango with 160K miles. Tag stamp reads
5210 5242
4 17 98 P
Great upgrade for Jeeps or a replacement. It worked fine and I was going to rebuild it, but bought a NP242 instead. It’s had new seals put into it, but it should have a new chain (about $61) and bearings (about $66) installed as well. It has been cleaned and partially disassembled to replace the seals. The main case has not been resealed so it is easy to take apart for parts replacement. Includes only what is shown. This has a 3 pinion planetary. Since I put a 32 spline input shaft into my 242, I'll throw in the original (longer) input shaft from the 2002 WJ 242 if it is wanted unless it sells separately.

Shifter (not pictured) is also available for $50 and wiring harness (not pictured) for $25 or $150 for everything. All of this is for sale locally so first come first served.

Can meet in the Tallahassee FL area. Don't really want to ship, but can probably wrap it in plastic bags and put it on a pallet. No idea on the cost to do this, buyer must set it up and pay fuel cost to the freight facility if outside of Tallahassee.

Reply here or PM me if interested.

IMG_20191026_173545855.jpg IMG_20191026_173508614.jpg IMG_20191026_173515132.jpg IMG_20191026_173524439.jpg IMG_20191026_173533898.jpg
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