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1998 Dodge Durango brake/abs light problem

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hey folks..i have a dilemma..my brake and abs warning lights come on every so often. As far as i know my brakes are fine..ive been driving like this for the past 3 months. Some days the lights will come on others, they stay off. I was thinking that the problem could be the rear speed sensor but my speedometer works fine.
Any suggestions?
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Same issue

@ Joe... I have a 98 Durango 5.2L that is doing the exact same thing yours was. My brake & ABS lights are on and the speedo doesn't work until about 30-35 mph. I've just recently traded for my Durango about a month ago and its the first one I've owned, so I know nothing about them really. I would like to know if you have solved your issue yet and if so what it was. I'm gonna go ahead and change the speed sensor as you did and go from there as its less than $40 so why not. Also can anyone tell me whats the biggest tires you can fit on a 98 Durango with stock suspension? Like 33x10.50x15 or 32x10.50x15... I say 15's because as of right now I still have the stock rims on mine... Thanks everyone ahead oc time
Sorry for the long absence. I did fix it, by replacing the speed sensor and pigtail again. I went to autozone this time instead of O'Reilly, and got a different brand.
I have had the problem of the Brake and ABS lights on, on my 99 Durango twice and both times I fixed it with the CAB modules that I pulled from the junk yard. I did not have to program it. Just plug and play. 2 screw, 2 connectors and you're done. My speedo never acted up while my lights were on though.
Hi again guys,

I have now decided to send away my "new" replacement ABS Control Module for repair/re-programming.

Do any of you have a recommended company in the US that I could get in touch with?

abs light on

hi guys, im new to the site but happy to be here. i brought a 99 durango 4x4 with 4wheel abs used. the cruise control wouldnt work nor did i get any brake light. i replaced both frt hubs, rear sensor. still no light. i found a missing abs light socket behind instriment cluster. replace it now abs light goes off and on. had garage cks abs code an they got a "64 or 65" code. is this due to a wiring issue maybe?:huh:
hate to drag up old subject........98 durango 5.2 4x4 4 wheel abs system. brand spanking new pcm, new antilock controller,new front and rear sensors. abs and brake lights are still on, there are no codes in the system. anyone got any ideas? also has all new lines to the rear end, front lines not been changed yet
What are you using to try to read any codes?

If the ABS light is on, there should be a code.

Regular scanners will not read ABS codes. Try a good shop or a dealer.
so the abs is a stand alone computer? interesting.
You have to take it to a dealer and have the VIN flashed into the new computers. And unless you ordered the anti-lock brake controller from a company and had to give them a bunch of specific information (tire size, gear ratio, etc), that will have to be programmed to your specific truck too. It's either the VIN mismatch between the PCM and CAB or the CAB is missing its programming (or both) that's throwing the light on.
so the abs is a stand alone computer? interesting.
It's not "stand alone." All the computers "talk" to each other over the CCD bus.

Most scanners only read P codes. A specialized scanner is needed to read the ABS computer - it plugs into the same OBD port.
same problem

hey dodge durango family

i have the same problem with my 98 dodge durango. changed both the abs speed sensors rear diff./tranny, rear abs wiring as well speedo works, but abs/break light after a few minutes if not seconds go on. i took my car to a friend after explaining he performed a diagnostic, there was no communication with the abs control module. so i opened the hood went to the driver side fender located the (abs control module) started the car grab a hammer and slightly tap the module and lights came on on dash. thats when i realized the abs module went bad.
now I'm shopping for one or maybe send mine to get reprogrammed.
Sorry to bump an old thread. I have a similar problem. When I bought my Durango (1998, 5.2L), it had the brake & ABS lights on all the time, and no speedo below 20 mph or so. I did the rear speed sensor replacement, and it worked fine.

Now, about a year later, the problem is different. Occasionally, after I've been driving for a while, the brake & ABS lights will come on, and then a short time after, the speedo stops working altogether, regardless of my speed. When I hit a bump in the road, the speedometer works for a few seconds, then quits again. And (as weird as this sounds) it doesn't happen when it's cold outside, unless I do a lot of driving, which again goes along with the heat thing. The speedo problem ONLY happens when the brake & ABS lights are on.

I'll try the trip/reset thing to see if there's an error code when I leave work. Aside from that, does this ring any bells? The jarring and temperature things lead me to suspect that it could be a loose wiring harness on the ABS computer, maybe. Is that a valid guess? Where is the ABS computer located? Is it accessible, or do I have to tear the truck apart?
I know this is a old post but I'm having this same problem. Changed out the ABS module. Brakes are good. Wheel speed sensor & abs sensor next??
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