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1995 Dakota 5 speed Manual, drives in neutral

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I have an ext cab rwd 95 dakota that drives forward while the shifter is in neutral. I can shift it in and out of gears while driving and putting In reverse just kills the motor when you let the clutch out.

I was under the impression the Trans grenaded itself cause it happened coming off the interstate, downshift from 4th into 3rd gear at about 50-60mph and got a LOUD bang from underneath the truck, put the truck into neutral and pulled off to the side of the road to check it out when to my surprise the truck started jerking real hard on the brakes until it finally stopped. Wiggled the shifter to make sure I was in neutral, pushed the clutch in and started the truck back and just let off the clutch real quick thinking the truck was in neutral and it jumped forward.

Truck drove itself home like that doing about 45mph @ 4000-4300rpm, it no longer has neutral or any other gears usable. Literally is either clutch in and rolls around as if in neutral, but as soon as you let the clutch out the truck starts driving as if you put it in gear
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I'm able to get another 5 speed transmission from a truck out a junkyard for pretty cheap so when I get a replacement I'll pull the old trans apart and take a look inside to see what actually broke
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