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1993 Dodge Dakota v6 - v8 swap

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Hello everyone,

I joined back in 2014 with a 02 QC v6 but since sold the truck and moved out to Virginia and found a 93 for $300.
I have not got the opportunity to purchase a 318 but it is from a 98 ram.
Seeing as my truck is pre obd2 what must be changed on the 98 obd2 engine to make it work in my 93??
The guy also has a 95 Ram 318 which is also obd2.


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'95 should be OBD1, I thought. '96 is when they switched to OBDII. I'd actually hold off and look for a '93 5.9 with the harness and PCM. Easiest swap, most bang for buck. If you do go 5.9, you'll also need the flywheel, since it's externally balanced. I'm probably missing more.
youre right, the one that popped up is a 95 318 with transmission and harness/pcm from a Ram. pre-obd2
I would wait but these V8's dont pop up much out here in VA like they do in TX lol ill just sell the 318 and buy a 360 when the time comes
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So, I am willing to go quite a long ways with the truck - would it be worth it to yank the pcm and wiring out and get a complete PCM & harness for obd2 and obd2 swap the truck??
If I was to do this I would be going for a 5.9 & 46re with it.
Ah ok, I thought I'd ask
Semper Fi Marine

Semper Fi RXT,

So I am looking at going and getting a 95 Ram 318, with engine harness & ECM for $500
It has 140k miles on it and is still in the Ram now can hear it run before purchase.

With my 93 v6, It should be plug & play - does anyone know if the TB are the same?
Has anyone rebuilt their a-500 instead of upgrading??
Ive heard it would be more than enough with a freshening up.
If the 93 is throttle body injected, then no, it's not the same; the 1995 5.2 is multi port fuel injected.

Also, if you don't really goat ride it too much, then a rebuilt A-500 should do fine.

You'll need to add the two injector wires for the 5.2 if the 1993 has a MPFI Magnum V6.

Dak V6 - V8 swap

As long as you use the computer, harness, and motor from the same vehicle it should be all okay. Throttle body for the V8 is bigger than the one for the V6. Not sure what an A-500 is. 46RE is okay if you use a QUALITY torque converter. Don't waste your money on a cheap one. Upgrade to a good shift kit, and I believe there's a check valve that was installed on some of the earlier transmission lines you'll need to remove. Consider adding an extra trans cooler in conjunction with the lines built into the radiator. Find a competent transmission rebuilder to go through your transmission prior to installation.
You could drop a 360 in from a '96 or newer vehicle - same thing. Get the computer and harness for it too. The advantage is that it will be easier to reprogram your computer with OBD II if you wish to modify your engine/trans, though Arrington can reprogram OBD I stuff.
Stroker motors are available, if you want some extra grunt. Be sure your transmission is up to the task. That puny 8 1/4" diff you have now won't handle it - for long. You may have to go to a 9 1/4" that would need to be narrowed slightly, shock mounts redone, & axles narrowed. I will be doing this on a '94 Dak Sport I have, but w/a boosted six.
I've been down many difficult roads dealing w/design weaknesses w/these things. I'm no Dak/Durango guru, but have learned quite a bit from owning my '94 for nearly twenty years, along w/a '00 R/T for 13 years, and now a '00 Dang for a bit over a year now.
Talk to someone from Hughes Engines (Dave is the owner), and there's a wealth of knowledge to be gained there (hughesengines.com). If he can't help you he'll be able to point you to someone who can.
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