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1989 lost overdrive, OVERNIGHT

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Lost cruise control and the automatic transmission’s overdrive same day; OVERNIGHT.

One day they work on the 3.9 1989 convertible, the next day they are gone.

Checked fuses, what else is there to check?
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Check the bulkhead connector - cruise and OD are on the same row (one up from the bottom) on my 1988, and the wiring SHOULD be similar for a 1989.

With the battery disconnected, remove/reinstall the connector(s) to the SMEC and make sure that you don't have some oxidation that just showed up on those two fuctions.

Double check grounds around the cruise servo and under the dash.

Past that, I got nothing.

Oh, and crack open your factory service manual and go through the pin point tests for both.

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Thank you Ralph, that fixed it.
Thank you Ralph, that fixed it.
Ralph was the bomb on that stuff.
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