Offered here is my 1989 Dodge Dakota Shelby Truck, number 437. THIS IS THE TRUCK CARROLL SHELBY SHOULD HAVE BUILT

437 has had the bed removed from the frame, paint stripped, and painted Mopar PXR Black Pearl Metallic Paint. (2-stage color/clear coat) Paint has not been cut-buffed yet, so it has the ability to look even more amazing, when finished.

Steel hood has fiberglass Mopar sixpak hoodscoop bonded on, from underneath. This allows fresh air to flow freely to the heart of the 437. A pair of A-10 hoodpins with lanyards completes the hood with a proper muscle-truck look.

Power comes from a rebuilt, 1970 Mopar 340 Magnum engine (from an E-Body HEMI conversion project) and is bolted up to the original A518 O/D Transmission. Cam is a 1968 manual trans grind purple shaft cam. All rings, seals, gaskets, freeze plugs, etc., are new to the rebuild. Excellent crosshatching is seen in all cylinders. New oil pump and truck pan are installed. Factory 340 E body oil pan is included in parts collection, with exhaust manifolds and intake as well.

Engine includes the factory cast intake manifold, exhaust manifolds and stamped steel valve covers. Currently has Edelbrock RPM AirGap aluminum intake, HOOKER supercomp headers, and Direct Connection chrome valve covers. Also included is a set of cast aluminum Mopar Performance valve covers.

437 is a factory-air truck, and the 340 has both 1970 era A/C compressor and brackets and the 1989 A/C system, proper to the 437. Multiple brackets are included to facilitate mounting either system. Also included is a large assortment (all I have left) of various crank and accessory pulleys.

437 has had the P/S system replaced with a Mopar Performance, quick ratio manual steering rack. Excellent road feel, with the weight of the P/S system removed from the nose, as well as the HP savings with the pump removed.

Factory wiring harness under the hood is removed, and all wire ends and plugs are tagged/labelled, for ease of re-installation. (if desired) I was preparing the truck for a Mopar Performance electronic ignition conversion, with a chrome or orange box ignition. A voltage regulator and the ignition system is needed to finish this out. I am including 2 dizzies, one from 1970, and the 1989 factory set-up.

New fuel pump in the tank, for running fuel injection. I was going to run a carb (HOLLEY bore pattern) system, with a regulator at the tank, plumbed to the factory return line, for overflow. A new radiator is needed (22 inch) to replace the factory original. a 1989 Dodge Ram/Ramcharger 360 radiator is a bolt in replacement.

All that's needed to finish up front is the ignition system of your choice, fuel delivery system of your choice, and a radiator. I'm including 2 sets of factory Shelby Dakota fans, as well as the Flexlite fans I was running when I took the 437 off the road. The Flexlite fans include 2 spare motors, and 2 spare fanblades. The Flexlites are lighter, quieter, and have a programmable off/on temp controller.

Out back, a Truxedo bed cover is installed, to secure the bed and it's contents. A sprayed in bedliner is present as well, and it extends up onto the tops of the bedrails. It's Herculiner, so touch-ups are a breeze, if needed.

Factory Shelby airdam (not the same as a Dakota Sport, which is smaller) is present, with factory Bosch Pilot foglites, and covers. (also included, multiple extra fog lamp bodies, mounting brackets, and lens covers) Underbody skirting is also present, as are the 4 wheelwell trim flares. (included are a full set of 4 extra flares & underbody skirts as well) front bumper is Mopar original bumper, as is the rear step-bumper. Rear bumper has the Shelby step pads, and included are a couple of spares as well. The Shelby lightbar/fastback is also present. Clear tail lights round out the rear, and Shelby decals are present on windshield, and tailgate.

Power is put to the ground through a set of Wheel Vintiques 15X7 "stamped steelies" (cop car wheels) with Cooper Cobra tires all around. Fronts are 225-70/R15, out back are a pair of 255-60/R15's. A set of 1980's Mopar police car hubcaps (dogdish with cooling holes) finishes off the wheels. Recent shocks on all 4 corners, with a brake job at the same time. Rear is an 8 1/4" Sure-Grip, with a 3:90 ratio.

Exhaust is/was true dual exhaust, running through a dual inlet/out Flowmaster Series 40 muffler, with dual outlets exiting through a set of Purple Hornies glasspacks, with turndowns. Exhaust is 2 1/2" from the collectors back. The sound with the 318 was pretty hot. the 340 would be a screamer.

Interior ihas been converted from red to black. All trim pieces are done. Door panels are finished, with doors now being black, with new black armrest pads, black trim carpet on lower door panels, and the Shelby inserts being done. New padded and molded black carpet is installed. Sill plates are done, with Shelby badging being present. Dash is done being changed to black, and a new black dash cap in included. (also included is a spare Shelby-specific black instrument panel bezel) Shelby cupholder is present, dash serial number plate (437) , Shelby steering wheel, and black dash instrument cluster, all present. New molded black headliner is ready to install, sun visors changed to black, etc. Windows are limo tinted sides and rear, with a windshield header above the ANSI line. Mopar ScatPak Bee decals on the side windows, under the tint. Included are 2 complete Shelby Dakota bench seats. Was going to have them taken apart, and re-sewn with black material. Take apart the second seat, and save the Shelby seat inserts for spares. The seat belts are also out, and info provided for their re-building with black webbing will be provided, along with info for company that restores Shelby steering wheels. (this one needs new leather) Factory stereo AM/FM/Tape/CD with EQ works great, and I will include a spare Dakota stereo radio as well.

Re-upholster the seat, re-web the seat belts, re-wrap the steering wheel and finish the dashcap, and the interior is done. all lights, gauges, horn, etc works. A/C and heater worked when parked. (good blower and resistor, no leaks in heater core or evaporator/condenser)

Clear title in hand. ALL SPARE SHELBY AND SMALL-BLOCK PARTS I HAVE WILL BE INCLUDED. This includes the original Shelby 5 spoke, alloy wheels with centercaps, Shelby air filter, air pump, NOS brake drums, and parts listed above. Shelby Dakota service and parts manual also included. (Mopar, not chiltons or haynes) Extra SHELBY front grill emblem as well.