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12" subs onder the seat

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hey all I was wondering iv seen these thing called stealth boxes in ext cabs for subs right but Iv only seen then for 8" subs and 10s . I got to 12inch kenwoods and a thousand watt sony amp I was planning on just building one but I have no idea how big my 12s really are like thickness. question: will they fit under neith both rear seats when I take out the tool storage? will there be enough room in the boxes for them to get enough air? and how hard you guys think its gonna be to build this box..right
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my subs are already in a box im not tearin it apart just to see how deep they are
look up the specs of your sub find a model # and a website should tell you the specs.
I have 2 12'' Type S and a 1500W amp under the back seat.
how much room did u have to play around with
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