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As per my "new member" Hello post, I'm Building a custom center floor console for my Dak Club. Being out of the customizing of my ride business for the last 13-15 years I'm kinda clueless as to the "good, bad, and worthless" brands of AFFORDABLE components out there..
Back in the day, if It wasn't overly expensive it was generally trash.. assuming the times havent changed that much.. can anyone/everyone assist in the process of my finding a few items?

I'm lookin for :
1 10" subwoofer - Nothing to flashy, not gonna abuse the power...
1 AMP to power it -something simple to keep the flow
1 LCD screen (5.5-7" tops) -

I'm NOT a bass head, or audiophile, just want some custom kick in the cab

As a civil servant of sorts $$ is limited to affordability...

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IMO.... the best subwoofer you can get is going to be JL Audio.

I also like their amps... very good products JL produces.

As far as screens... There aren't many brands out there for screens that I like.... If you want a screen WITH your CD player... I suggest Alpine.

for that matter... if you get a different head unit... get an Alpine... it's the only brand to get now days.... really high quality.


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LCD screens seem to be a dime a dozen on the 'net. No problems here...

Running one 10" sub, though.. Nothing special, decent looking though...

I see alot of $50-70 range subs.. MTX, Sony, Cerwin Vega, etc etc ... JL Audio seem to start at $100 ++ for the ?bottom tier subs.. Now, the question is, is the JL Audio bottom tier better than the standard MTX, Sony Cerwin Vega etc?

As for an Amp, Im sure where ever I purchase the speaker from, I'll just grab a same name brand 250-500w amp and call it done, since I only plan to run one sub off it anyways.. If (when) I do decide to go for other component speakers (kick pannles, pod tweeters etc) I will most likely be swithcing head units and amps to support them anyways..

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Sometimes, talking brands is like a religion, haha. I don't have any strong feeling on it. I just got some Infinity components/subs at very nice prices. They had a strong s/n rating compared to others.

Another tip, I just got $750 worth of gear from millionbuy.com and saved about $300 from other online or local sources. Shipped next day, got it in 3 days, all was in stock. No complaints here I tell ya!

Another tip! Use Froogle.com (by google) and enter any of your product numbers, be specific. You can price check in seconds. Love it.
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