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· Dude!? Wheres my Kota????
2001 SLT
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Your name: Jason Fajardo
Your location: (NC when the run was made) VA currently
Track: Fayetteville raceway
Truck Info: RC R/T
Truck Mods:
I ,H, PCM, TB, E, SS, C, RR, H, DC, ST,FI
1/8th 8.6 [email protected] on street 275/45/20(i hate these rims)(the TB and I was added several months later) no run since.)

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Haven't gotten the Dakota down to the track but I have had the diesel over there.

Franco Radisi
Cypress, TX
Royal Purple Raceway
2006 Ram 2500 4x4

Megacannon S2 intake, 5" exhaust, EFI Live

60' - 2.130
1/8 - 9.324 @ 75.310
1/4 - 14.555 @ 92.810

6" suspension lift, 35" mud terrains, full tank of fuel, no weight reduction, boosted launch @ 5psi in 4-Hi and running on a slipping transmission.


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121 - 132 of 132 Posts
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