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So I have a parasitic draw on my 08 Dodge Dakota. Battery will start the truck when charged, leaving it for a day or 2 will kill the battery. I jump it and then run it for a while and then disconnect the battery, it'll start up again a couple days later after reconnected.

The draw is about 2.6 amps when the truck is off and everything is off and shut. I started pulling fuses, the CCN/Radio fuse and the PCM B + fuses caused the truck to drop to .5 and then 0 amp draw, respectively. I put the fuses back in to test further.

I tore apart the dashboard and removed the radio, that dropped the draw 1 amp. Reattached the radio and the draw came back. Verified part of the draw is the radio. Removed everything else - 12 v plug in, fan/AC control, lights, you name it, I removed it - aside from the meter panel. I think that's what the CCN is... Nothing changed when removing everything else. Once I removed the meter panel the drain dropped to .5 amps...

I ordered a new meter panel and plugged it in, still have the same drain on it...

So now I'm a little lost, it seems like its not the meter panel itself, could it be the wire bundle? Do I need to replace that? and where does that PCM B + fuse come into play? I think that goes to the meter panel... but not sure how.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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