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05 4.7 Dakota hits 2500 rpm wont go higher. PLEASE HELP

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Have a 2005 dodge dakota, 4.7 HO. Truck has around 151,000 miles. Just changed the plugs and ignition coils a few months back. Just had a fuel injector replaced by a shop. When I am driving it shifts fine, runs a bit rough at idle not bad though. Runs really rough whenever whenever i get on the gas then when i try to go past 2500 rpms it just starts like jolting and kicking back almost. It just started doing this. Ran codes and they are

o2 sensors
p0300 multiple misfire
p0306 misfire on cyclinder 6
p2317 igntion coil 6 secondar circuit insufficient ionization.
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Seems like you need to go back to that shop.
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