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'05 4.7 code 0404 -- EGR acting up?

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Hi folks. New to the forum here. I recently bought an '05 Dakota 4x4 with 4.7

I have been going through it fixing things, refreshing things, replacing things. It is getting close to being a good solid reliable runabout now but there are still a couple of things left bothering me. This may be a bit long intro background - however I am giving to you exactly as it is from day one. Here is a short list of what hast been done wrt the engine. (other mech stuff I am leaving out as this is an engine section)

- the truck had been sitting for 12-16 months then I bought it.

- truck has 178k on it

- thorough engine bay cleaning. Mice had nested in the hood pad, in the air filter box, in the windshield cowling, and a nice one on top of the engine between the heads under the intake manifold.

- dropped and replaced all fluids, new air filter,

- new PCV, cleaned breathers

- new spark plugs, the old ones were burnt off - probably original.

- all wiring and plugs checked for damage, corrosion, tightness, etc.

- throttle body removed and cleaned up. Had just a light dried old oil film on it

- tank filled with fresh fuel and a bottle of fuel system/injector cleaner dumped in too

- the seller said the truck ran fine but was getting check engine light just before they parked it.

OK so that is what I've done, and here is what I am experiencing:

- On first couple of starts, the exhaust was clear but a bit smoky, white. Did not stink at all. Was typical clean water exhaust smell. This just may have been residual condensation in the exhaust system. At idle and parked on the pad it idled fine and revved fine.

- Next ... This was before the spark change and the PCV/breather cleanup. On the first couple of test drives the truck was REALLY sluggish. Idle was a bit rough. Stalled twice when throttled up/down a bit for stop/go/creep at stop lights. On the highway there seemed to be very little power difference between 1/4 throttle and 3/4 throttle. Had to floor it to get any response. Fuel economy REALLY sucked. Burnt half a tank to go 30 miles! Check engine light came on mid way in the test drive.

- Replaced the plugs, (after discovering stinky mouse nest under the intake), had it all apart so did the plugs. They were found pretty much with electrode burnt right back to the insulator tip.
- Replaced PCV and cleaned out the little holes in the breather tubes at the back of the valve covers.
- Cleared the check engine by disconnecting the battery.

- More test driving. Power and smoothness seemed to be getting better each time I took it out. Still stalled a couple times, but idling is alot smoother and is rare on the stall. Ran the tank down to 1/4. Check engine light came on. But only when I had come off of a stop and throttled back quickly. This time I hooked up my DiabloSport i1000 to read the code. Gave P0404. Cleared the code.

- Push a fresh fill of new fuel in and 1/2 bottle of seafoam. More test driving. Again power and smoothness seems to be getting better each time I take it out. The engine just sounds smoother now and feels snappier. Is getting more responsive on the highway now. Fuel economy is up, but still a dogsled. It is not yet acceptable for what I expect out of a V8 in a little truck. No stalls though! Same thing on every ride wrt the light. Check engine light comes on when getting off the throttle and slowing down. Typically after a short burst of throttle and chop. The code shows up as P0404 again.

My thoughts and approach to all of thus far has been that the truck was and is still suffering from sitting idle; old stale fuel and possibly some gumming up of the fuel system from that. I've been going along that line by burning it off and topping off with fresh fuel and a dose of cleaner or seafoam. I am hoping that this cleans it up and after 4 or 5 tanks it is where it should be.

I looked up the meaning of the P0404 code. It indicates an EGR position mismatch between what position it says it is at and what the PCM wants it to be at. I have inspected the EGR wiring and connection. All looks fine.

So after all that, I guess my question is whether there is anything that can or should be done about this P0404 EGR code or is it possibly just a matter of getting more runtime on the engine and maybe that EGR will clear or clean itself up?

I will not be totally happy until: 1. there is V8 power felt in the seat. 2. fuel economy runs in the 17-19 mpg range. 3. engine runs totally smooth all the time (like my Hemi). 4. no random fault codes like is happening.

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Hello i think your egr valve is bad usually when you have the code you need to replace the egr valve .
Thank you. I guess to ask my question another way;
- if this is a sticky EGR valve because the truck was sitting for awhile if left will it clean itself up and get good from regular daily use now. OR is it something that once failed it is done and must be removed and cleaned by hand or replaced ? What is the experience/consensus on either?

I checked into replacement. The Dodge dealer wants 285$ just for the part. NAPA wants 110$ for the part. I would be doing the re-re work myself if it comes to that. It is a tight spot up against the firewall though. :(. Kind of hoping that just driving it regularly would work ...?
To be honest i cannot answer your question because i dont have the 4.7 but the older 5.9

i know that some try to clean it so you can try if that works
when the engine code come up the valve send an improper voltage signal to the pcm so i think your egr is bad but maybe you can clean it and it works fine again. i dont think if you drive the truck regularly that the problem will go away

keep in mind that even when you buy a new one you have to clean everything the inside hoses/lines that involves the egr valve
Update. Took the truck for a drive this evening. Combination of in town driving, highway speed, hard acceleration, etc. Full gamut. The truck is running better yet again. Ran well and smooth the whole time. I feel it is still a little down on power change in the 60% - 80% throttle range. No stalling. No check engine light. No codes. Idle is steady with just a little be of barely noticeable stuttering for a very brief 2 seconds when pulling in to park at the Walmart.

I was building up to and getting ready to go buy a new EGR tomorrow. But, hhmmmmmmmm. Now what.
Driving the truck a bit today. Sputtered a bit. The P0404 is back. I purchased a new replacement valve today. Will install it tomorrow.
I considered trying to clean it. However it is in a tight spot and will take quite a bit of time to remove and reinstall. I will put the new one instead. The old one I will tinker with cleaning and may keep as a backup spare if it appears to work properly.
Wish me luck tomorrow! Am not looking forward to laying under the hood contorting my fingertips to wrench those bolts through small spaces.
Just take your time and good luck . check out the link below

'05 4.7 code 0404 -- EGR clean or replace.

Thank you for your advice and comments Mopar5.9. . Great video link btw. That is it exactly.

Got it done today. With the right tools was not all that bad. Just time consuming, and trying on ones patience to work in that tight spot.

Pulled the old and put a new one in. I weighed just cleaning it, however considering the re-re difficulty I decided to replace and then do an inspection of the removed valve.

Truck runs WAAAAY better now. Happy.

Here is what I found with the old one. The port and valve part were fine. Light brown smooth carbon. Valve seat is good seals closed. Moves freely. Of curiosity I took the top off. Opened the bent tabs and coil solenoid part pulled out. What I found was grit and carbon in the ID of the coil sleeve and obvious rub marks on the plunger cylinder. There is a brass guide ring for the cylinder to keep it from contacting the coil. There was a buildup of grit and carbon on it. Making movement rough and sticky. So there was nothing in the valve part at all. The problem hang up was in the coil and cylinder plunger movement. Cleaned the plunger and ID of the coil with solvent and toothbrush. Good to go. I have pictures. Here have a look.

I am certain this valve now functions fine. Cleaned it up and put on shelf for emergency spare for whenever, probably will never need it though.

Note: This job cannot be done without a knuckle ratchet, u-joint angle drive. Getting to the bolt behind the solenoid body is a blind, by feel only, operation and impossible to get to other than with socket and extensions and the knuckle in the right place.

(Picts won't all load. Will add more later. )

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'05 4.7 code 0404


Hope this helps someone else figure out what to do if they encounter a similar problem.
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