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4.7L 150k miles

One or both the following warning lights turn on:
Service 4wd
Check Engine

Other oddities:
Headlights will not turn off
Wipers won't turn off or won't start

There may be other issues I don't recall.

After disconnecting the negative battery cable, things return to normal, however the 'service 4wd' will come on at random while driving. The other issues may or may not occur.

Another trigger is when the driver door is opened the theft alarm goes off. Inserting the ignition key and starting turns it off, but then the other issues begin, not in a consistent pattern however. Sometimes the lights work normally, the check engine light doesn't turn etc., but in all cases the 'service 4wd light' does turn on IIRC.

My son mainly drives the Durango and I believe the 4wd works fine whether the warning light is on or not.


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Yikes.. where to start.. first are you getting any actual codes out of it? At this point I would say go to an autozone and borrow their scanner. I don't think the key trick will reveal all here.

Headlights, wipers, and security point to a bad CTM, which IIRC in 03 is part of the instrument cluster. I may be wrong though - I don't have an 03 Rango manual. Pull off the drivers kick panel and see if there's a black box there. If not its in the cluster.

I can't look right now but I believe there was a recall for 03 to replace the cluster.. Might be worth checking on Dodge.com to see if your VIN has unsatisfied recalls..

Service 4wd indicates something with the transfer case control module. I would say nail down other problems first and see if this still happens because you will need to pay a dealer or shop to scan for its codes.
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