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03 Durango 4.7l smoking after extended idle.

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For a little bit now I've been having a smoking issue after an extended idle but only after initial acceleration from that idle state. Engine was rebuilt 6k miles ago (currently at 314k), rings, bearings, valves seals and all that was replaced. The smoke is a very very light blueish tint or sometimes gray, i know that the catalytic converter is bad. Kinda getting confused what it could be. Had a aftermarket pcv valve in and discovered it was sucking oil in and the intake was coated with oil, replaced it with a mopar one and my consumption has gone down dramatically. When i pulled the intake to clean it, none of the seals where leaking on the intake side, plugs are not fouled or have oil deposits. Not loosing coolant, doesn't smell sweet but doesn't really smell like the traditional burning oil smell either.?
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