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03 4.7 Cam swap

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I picked up a nice southern Dakota Stampede last year with a dead 4.7 for $600. Never seen a winter. Dropped a valve seat at only 90k. Owner had a repair shop put a new head on but they got the timing wrong and wrecked the engine further on start up. Both heads junk. Damage to cylinder walls. I’ve been all over the map when it comes to engine replacement / engine modification. In the interest of time and money I’ve abandoned the the Hemi swap idea and decided to build a 4.7 out of the three engines I have at my disposal (02, 03, 05 4.7’s). I’ve known for some time now that there are gains to be had with an 08 intake swap. That’s on my to do list. Recently I’ve been reading that 08 cams can be swapped into the 03 heads. Reached out to a Jeep enthusiast and he told me I’d need to change to HO springs in order to use the 08 cams safely. Found a guy selling an 08 intake and cams for $680 on eBay from a junkyard Durango. I’m pretty sure I could buy brand new 08 cams and get my own junkyard intake for a good deal less. Problem I have is that I’ve been unable to find a part number for the 08 cams. Do any of you know the part numbers for the 08 cams and the part number for the HO (or equivalent) springs as well?
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Honestly you'd be better off reconsidering the Hemi swap. The 4.7 is a great motor IMO but not one to ever make a bunch of power NA. The aftermarket completely dropped the ball on the 4.7 as soon as the Hemi was announced. I had grand plans for mine when I bought it but they all went down in smoke.
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