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03-04 front brake upgrade

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I'm planning on doing a brake upgrade on my 01 R/T and have a few questions. I've tried searching on here and couldn't find my answers, but it may be also that I'm very tired.. Anyways my questions:

1. Parts, r these all the parts I need or am I missing something?
a. 03-04 Spindles
b. 03-04 calipers w/ brackets
c. rotors, pads
d. 03-04 brake lines (plan on using goodridge SS lines)

2. Will any caliper from an 03-04 Dakota work? Like would a caliper from a 6 cyl 4x4 work on my 8 cyl 4x2? Same goes for Spindles

3. I've read on another site someone saying 03-04 Dakotas have a different master cylinder than say my 01. Is this true?

4. I looked and looked and couldn't find a write-up/ how to on installing this. Does anyone know where I can find one?

5. Thank you for the help!
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I've collected most of the parts to do my 99 except i dont have the brake lines yet. I could've sworn back in the day the people on the other dak boards said the lines had to be custom made for this, like the caliper end of the line was 03/04 style and the other end was earlier style. But i dont know that for sure and i can't seem to find anything about it now. If all i need is some 04 brake lines then that'll be sweet.

On a side note the 2wd spindles seemed to be the hardest thing to find when i was buying parts....took awhile to get both. Of course not too long after i got my parts, my buddy found everything needed from one truck at a local salvage yard for like $100....bastard ;)
Make sure you get newer outer tie rods with yours being a 99, if you haven't already. I had too much play in mine, kinda like a bad wheel bearing. The part number is different for outer tie rods for 98-99, 00-04 are the same.
Ok, thanks for the heads up. I haven't bought the tierod ends yet but i was going to because i am rebuilding the entire front end when i do the swap. Just for clarification you are saying get 00-04 ends or just new 99 ends ?
does any know if you have to change ball joints on project 1999 upper/lower control arms to 03' 04' spindale my question is what year ball joint to use

I dont think the 03/04 ball joint will mount up to our control arms. I'm pretty sure our 99 ball joints will work just fine with the spindles.
cool thanks
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