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03-04 front brake upgrade

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I'm planning on doing a brake upgrade on my 01 R/T and have a few questions. I've tried searching on here and couldn't find my answers, but it may be also that I'm very tired.. Anyways my questions:

1. Parts, r these all the parts I need or am I missing something?
a. 03-04 Spindles
b. 03-04 calipers w/ brackets
c. rotors, pads
d. 03-04 brake lines (plan on using goodridge SS lines)

2. Will any caliper from an 03-04 Dakota work? Like would a caliper from a 6 cyl 4x4 work on my 8 cyl 4x2? Same goes for Spindles

3. I've read on another site someone saying 03-04 Dakotas have a different master cylinder than say my 01. Is this true?

4. I looked and looked and couldn't find a write-up/ how to on installing this. Does anyone know where I can find one?

5. Thank you for the help!
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03 Durango on a 99 Dakota. The knuckles bolted right up to the Dakota ball joints & tie rod ends. The front end was in proper alignment before the swap, with the new parts bolted up it was massively out of alignment, different geometry for sure between the two. Once I had it aligned, the truck has never driven so well, tracks great, very stable.
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How the hell is your truck so clean underneath?
I hasn't been daily driven or seen a winter since 2003 and lots of detailing. :)
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