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03-04 front brake upgrade

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I'm planning on doing a brake upgrade on my 01 R/T and have a few questions. I've tried searching on here and couldn't find my answers, but it may be also that I'm very tired.. Anyways my questions:

1. Parts, r these all the parts I need or am I missing something?
a. 03-04 Spindles
b. 03-04 calipers w/ brackets
c. rotors, pads
d. 03-04 brake lines (plan on using goodridge SS lines)

2. Will any caliper from an 03-04 Dakota work? Like would a caliper from a 6 cyl 4x4 work on my 8 cyl 4x2? Same goes for Spindles

3. I've read on another site someone saying 03-04 Dakotas have a different master cylinder than say my 01. Is this true?

4. I looked and looked and couldn't find a write-up/ how to on installing this. Does anyone know where I can find one?

5. Thank you for the help!
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I recently did this swap on my 02 Dakota. Luckily I already had 16 inch wheels. I got the rotors, calipers spindles from a junk yard. I purchased new 03-04 brake lines from Rock Auto. I had recently rebuilt the front end of my truck so I had new bushings and ball joints. I got rebuilt calipers and new pads but was able to re-use the rotors as they were not grooved and in spec. It all bolted up without any problems. A really nice upgrade for the brakes.

I know this post is several years old but I’m hoping this still gets to you. Did you have to buy brake lines to run all the way to the master cylinder? Or do you just need lines from the caliper to the wheel well connection point? Thanks in advance.
Just the lines from the connection point near the wheel. I got my lines from Rock Auto
Good luck, it is a worthwhile upgrade.
Very much appreciated thank you.
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