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2002 Dodge Dakota SXT 3.9L V-6
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I went to a junkyard yesterday and got the steering wheel audio control switches; the wiring harness in the steering wheel that connects the switches (along with the cruise switches) to the clockspring, and the rear cover for the steering wheel. The donor vehicle was a 2000 Durango, and the audio control switches appeared identical to the ones Dodge was using on the '02 Dakotas (up/down rocker, with a push-button in the middle). I went home and installed everything, thinking this would be as easy as when I installed cruise-control on it - it wasn't. They don't seem to be working.

When I installed cruise (the truck wasn't built with it), I simply obtained the switches/harness in the steering wheel; back cover for the steering wheel, and the underhood servo from a junked Dakota. When I went home and installed everything, the cruise worked perfectly immediately, without any kind of dealer flashing the PCM or any other module required. Was hoping this would be the case with the audio controls, too.

I'm wanting to use these switches with an aftermarket Sony radio (DSX-GS80) I just installed. I bought the Axxess ASWC-1 interface that allows you to retain factory steering wheel audio controls, and I hooked it up according to their vehicle-specific instructions (soldered the black to ground; red to accessory 12 volt, and the pink wire to Pin 14 on the vehicle harness (VT/YL; labeled "PCI Bus"), but it doesn't detect the vehicle (based on the LED flashes).

So, I'm guessing that:

A. My vehicle lacks all the wiring necessary to allow these switches to operate?


B. The Central Timer Module (CTM) needs to be programmed by a Dodge/ dealer, to allow these to work?

Does anyone know if, assuming my steering column has the wiring for the remote audio control switches (RD/BL & BL/LG), is it possible to just wire the Axxess ASWC-1 interface directly to them, by soldering to those wires (my Sony radio has settings that allow you to custom set the actions of your steering wheel control buttons, if they don't work as you'd like them to)?

If anyone has any knowledge/info on this matter, I'd GREATLY appreciate your input! Thanks.
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