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02 Durango issue

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The family Durango recently started to act up. From 1500-2000 rpm it fells like it is stuttering when you try and accelerate. It recently had a tune up and the water pump was replaced a few months ago. Any ideas on what it could be.

It has the 5.9 and has 99,600 miles roughly on it.
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is it throwing a code?possibly idle air control motor?throttle position sensor?if no code,i'd hold out till it does so you're not just throwing parts at it.
Sounds like one or both of your O2 sendors might be on the way out. Happened to me with no codes
There isn't anything showing up, I mean it has almost 100,000 miles and the only thing we had to replace was a water pump the rest was just normal maintenance. How long do o2 sensors generally last I know it is due for some up keep.
The length of time they last I think depends how well the vehicle is running. When mine failed it was running perfect. Went to town stopping at several different places. Came home and after a couple hours had to go out again, Durango ran like crap and didn't throw any codes. My truck had around 95,000 when I replaced the post-cat O2 sensor. Looked like original equipment from the factory. When I changed that sensor it ran good again. Just recently I replaced the pre-cat sensor and it runs even better.
I'm to have to try that even if thats not what's wrong with it, it can't hurt anything to try
sounds exactly like my problem as well, I replaced TPS and post O2 sensor. I'm going to try IAC next.
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