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02 DAK - My 2002 Dakota had a plain-jane Overhead Console with only courtesy lights and a sunglasses compartment. I purchased a Premium Overhead Console with compass, mpg, miles to empty, Homelink garage door control, etc. At this point the new Premium Console is installed, wiring is connected, and all works except for gas mileage and miles to empty, etc.

Here is the issue: After a ton of online research I found that Dodge used two types of busses: CCD was earlier and PCI later.
  1. CCD has two twisted wires [Violet with Yellow stripe for CCD+] and [White with black stripe for CCD-]
  2. PCI has just one wire ([Violet with Yellow stripe for PCI]
After yet more research I have learned that my Dakota uses the PCI Bus but the Premium Overhead Console is CCD, so the [White with black stripe] wire is dangling under the dash without a home.

The Question: Is the CCD Premium console somehow compatible with the PCI bus, or do I have to trash that console and replace it with the correct one? If it is usable, please advise how it should be connected or adapted.

Note: The CCD console has 9 wires. According to the 02 Dakota wiring diagram the PCI console has 7 wires.
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