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here it is 🍻 - :)

So the alternator crapped out, and when I went to swap it out I discovered a bit of a design 'flaw' in the CVF serpentine setup - turns out the alternator cannot be removed without pulling the power steering pump - the ps pump pulley slightly 'covers' the lower bolt for the alternator. Now in the big scheme of things that isn't a show-stopper, but for this truck...well it needed to be a bit more 'field serviceable'. Since it was apart I went ahead and pulled the main bracket off and relocated the mount for the power steering pump 3/8 inch down and inside, at a 45* angle. I cut/cleaned it and glued it back together. Not only do I now have unrestricted access to the lower alternator bolt, but I also retained use the original belt - it's just the tiniest bit tighter to get the belt on but not so much that it can't be used. Worked awesome 👍

Also, I trimmed the fan blade again to provide more clearance to the idler arm, and now it doesn't hit.

Also also, drove it around yesterday, and after sitting overnight there were no drips on the cardboard - brand new piece of cardboard n everything! More beers! 🍻

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