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02 3.9 to 5.2 swap pcm and wiring

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I've read all the threads and I've done my research and see know this topic always comes up, but what am I supposed to do if I can't find the pcm I need. I've searched and looked..I've all Solopcm and even dodge and nobody has a pcm for a 02 rt Dakota.
I've even went as far as to strip a Durango but it is a 98 and things are different. I really don't know what to do right now. I need to get the truck going. All I have really need is to wire the 2 injectors in and get the pcm and a sct but I'm having no luck on a pcm. Does anyone have any suggestions or is there any way I can get the Durango parts to work
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What you CAN do is use a 5.9 ECU (it's close enough that it'll adjust and not run the 5.2 overly rich) to get yourself running.

Then, after it's running, contact a tuner such as Flyin' Ryan (frptuning.com) or Marty Fletcher (utawesomeperformance.com) and get them to do a tune for you, with something like a Syked or SCT or HPTuners handheld unit to write it to the ECU to correct for it being a 5.2.

Before you panic too much, write them or talk to them; there's a chance (outside, but a chance!) that the 3.9 ECU has all the hardware installed, it just needs a tune to wake up the other two injectors.

(Or it might not have the hardware installed - I dunno, but hey, I'd ask!)

THAT said - also check "the usual suspects"; car-parts.com shows 3 as I type this message (it shows 4, but one comes from a 4.7L truck, so I HIGHLY doubt it's a good pick.)

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