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01 infinity amp bypass

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Where is the amp on an 01 Durango?

I have 4ohm speakers installed an I want to keep using the factory HU.

Will I still have the same problem if I bypass the amp or no? An by problem I mean shitty sound pushing a 2 signal through a 4 signal speaker. I plan to just cut off the connectors and match up the wires. Assuming they the same colors..

Also I assume I'll loose my tweeters by ditching the amp??
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it's located under the right side kick panel. when i had a Durango, i made an amp bypass harness that ran along the right side, where i had an amp installed under the 2nd rear seat. i still have that harness if this is something you might do. if you're gonna change your speakers, get components and ditch the factory tweets, they're shit anyway.
I already got speakers. I'm not looking for greatness. But I do know a 2 ohm amp brings down a 4 ohm speaker.

How much you looking for the harness?
where to you plan to mount the amp?
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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