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Back when i had my 00’ Dak, the fog light mod was easy (pull the relay under the hood and install a jumper wire between the correct 2 terminals with the relay removed and bingo: fog lights stay on with high beams). There are a few posts on this forum about how to do that on 97-00 Daks.

However from 01-04, the “fog lights off when high beams are on” signal now comes from the BCM/CTM (body control module/central timer module) through the headlight/fog light switch (note there are no high beam or low beam relays on the 01-04 because of the computer control). So, as a result, the trick for the 97-00 does not work on the 01-04.

I have devised a similar relay/jumper bypass that will work on the 01-04.

Despite my best effort, i was not able to design a way to make this bypass work with the factory headlight/fog light switch due to the computer controlled signal (to clarify; its possible, but it means cutting into the wiring coming from the BCM/TCM, and I’d rather not do that). This bypass gets the job done, but it takes the factory fog light switch out of the equation. Headlights (high/low beam) still work as factory designed.

There are two ways to do this:

A) the fog lights will function like daytime running lights and will be on anytime the key is in the “run” position (aka position 2). Even if the headlights and fog light switch are off, the fog lights will be on, just like other modern vehicles daytime running lights, again, whenever the key is in the “run” position.

B) same as A, but you add a switch in the cab that interrupts this jumper wire so you can shut off the fog lights if you want to.

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Under the hood:

1.) pull the fog light relay and leave it out

2.) pay special to use the terminals i have called out in the images; those are the 2 your going to connect with a jumper wire shown as option 1 in the image with the red arrow.

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3.A) run a jumper wire as illustrated in this image with the red arrow, BINGO, your done.

I used simple, generic blade style connectors you can get at any auto parts store. They plug nicely into the sockets where the relay blades used to be. Some relays have more narrow blades, and you may need to file down the width of the blade connector so it fits into the relay terminal socket.

3.B.) same as 3.A, but run the wires into the cab and through a switch so you can shut them off if you want to (option 2 in the images). If you just leave the switch on, the fogs turn on and off with the key (as explained above).

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my fog light switch is the green toggle in the center (the ones on the left are for my LED light bar)

hopefully, i explained enough for you to get it done, but please post any questions if its not clear or I left something out.

Again, the only advantage the switch gives you is the ability to turn them off anytime the key is in the “run” position.
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