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0-60 How Fast Are You?

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Just wondering what everyone's 0-60 times are. I just recorded myself and mine is between 5.5-6 seconds. Does that sound average. My truck is stock except for Lakewood's, Z-tube, and muff.
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Camcorder... held it in my left hand in the middle of my steering wheel. I know its ghetto but it works :eek:nethumb:. Remember i have a rc 5spd manual 4.7 :twothumb:
2k1AmberR/T said:
LOl what do you mean? I'm a cowboy?
Sweet. I didn't know those chargers can record the times like that :eek:nethumb:
2k1AmberR/T said:
I mean it's rediculous to use a camcorder to record yourself accelerating from 0-60mph and think the elapsed time is going to be remotely close to what it actually is. Next time see how long it takes to go to 70mph.
So what your saying is that my camcorder doesn't record at a normal rate... I don't think you know what you are talking about :sorry:

What would you use? Besides a g-meter.
Let's hear from the rest of you guys. What are your times
So in other words the needle can't keep up with the speed. See that makes sense. Thanks for explaining it too me ucimaplaya.
1 - 7 of 38 Posts
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