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0-60 How Fast Are You?

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Just wondering what everyone's 0-60 times are. I just recorded myself and mine is between 5.5-6 seconds. Does that sound average. My truck is stock except for Lakewood's, Z-tube, and muff.
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redmed427 said:
So what your saying is that my camcorder doesn't record at a normal rate... I don't think you know what you are talking about :sorry:

What would you use? Besides a g-meter.
no what hes saying is that is not an acurate way to time it. you are following a gauge that is not anywhere near accurate enough to calculate something like that. its great for maintaining a constant speed but when you are accelerating hard its not going to be accurate at all.
redmed427 said:
So in other words the needle can't keep up with the speed. See that makes sense. Thanks for explaining it too me ucimaplaya.
no in other words, if you want to get technical, that needle has a rotational inertia to it. Your acceleration from 10-35/40 is going to be much faster than to the remaining time until 60 mph (when you are in second gear) that needle is still moving at the previous acceleration rate and going to be moving faster than you are accelerating because of its own rotational inertia. Thats just one factor. The bottom line is that the gauge and a camcorder are not even close to accurate. Use that link and your 1/8th mile time and mph to calculate your 0-60, its an estimate but its going to be a lot closer than a camcorder and a speedo.
1 - 2 of 38 Posts
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