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    1992 dakota brakes went out and my son tried to put in park. Now no forward gears only reverse and it seems to be way off on the gear selector. Reverse doesn't engage until the selector is in 1st gear position. I fear the worst amd need a rebuild. Wondering if there may be another possibility...
  2. Racing Forum
    Hey everyone my 97 dakota transmission went out it's a 5speed 4x4 nv3500. Just curious it has the v8 318 will a dodge ram trans fit I heard they were a inch longer. And is there a better 5speed trans I should look for or just put the same one back.
  3. Troubleshooter's Forum
    I recently bought a built 2001 Dakota with 180k miles on the odometer. Guy I bought it from swapped the engine and tranny from the original 4.7 and 45re to a 5.9 and 46re out of an 01 durango. It's got the no bus error in the odometer, and its stuck in limp home mode. The wiring harness and...
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    2002 dodge Dakota sport 3.9 v6 5 speed manual transmission: hello I recently replaced master clutch cylinder, slave cylinder, twice due to product defect, then I replaced the clutch...