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  1. Engine Modifications
    So I’ve got the keg leak, and I’m pretty sure my valve covers are leaking as well (lots of oil everywhere). Anyways, I’d like to remove the valve covers regardless to see how everything looks, maybe check my cam, just see what everything has been up to for the past 27 years. What are some...
  2. Air Intakes & Throttle Bodies
    So background later question now, I’m looking at hughesengines big gulp TB (HUG5504 - https://www.hughesengines.com/Index/products.php?browse=category&level0=Qi0gU21hbGwgQmxvY2sgRG9kZ2UgTWFnbnVt&level1=RG9kZ2UgVGhyb3R0bGUgQm9kaWVz&partid=28352) to replace the stock v6 TB, simply since I’ve heard...
  3. Gen I Durangos
    Hi! I've seen quite a few posts on swapping engines for similar displacement models. I'm thinking to do a full restoration on my Durango. I'm wondering what size engines I can look into swapping out that would fit. A hellcat would be sick but a little too pricey and I couldn't imagine that...
1-3 of 3 Results