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  1. Troubleshooter's Forum
    Hey I'm new here, I need some advice from other Dakota owners. I have a 1999 Dakota, Sport, 4x4. It has a 8.25 in the rear with posi traction, and the standard dana 35 in the front. I have an unbearable rumble that I cannot figure out where it is coming from. The rumble gets worse with speed...
  2. General Automotive Discussion
    When ever I lock/unlock my doors I get this high pitched whine noise. The locks still are functional (except for one). Any idea on what to do?
  3. Troubleshooter's Forum
    Hey everyone, on my 98 Dakota I get A noise when engaging or disengaging the clutch when the engine is hot. The pedal gets somewhat sticky as well. It’s not as smooth as on a cold start. I had someone push the clutch pedal while I was underneath the truck and the slave cylinder does not feel...
1-3 of 3 Results