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  1. Air Intakes & Throttle Bodies
    So background later question now, I’m looking at hughesengines big gulp TB (HUG5504 - https://www.hughesengines.com/Index/products.php?browse=category&level0=Qi0gU21hbGwgQmxvY2sgRG9kZ2UgTWFnbnVt&level1=RG9kZ2UgVGhyb3R0bGUgQm9kaWVz&partid=28352) to replace the stock v6 TB, simply since I’ve heard...
  2. Interior Parts
    I have the camel interior with the red body paint and would like to make my interior a bit more classy. Is this possible? What have you guys done to get some more respect? I want to make this less of a "Grandma's grocery SUV" to more of "Utilitarian but comfortable roadtrip experience"
1-2 of 2 Results